Fresh on the back of moving into our new home in Middlesbrough’s thriving Boho Zone, we’re delighted to welcome Leo Bracken to the Embeddable team, a key hire that will further strengthen our ability to support ambitious people and businesses in bringing ideas to life through technology.

A first-class graduate in Computer Science from Teesside University, Leo joins Embeddable in a web development role.

Leo, tell us a little bit about yourself…

With a background in software development and automation and a personal exploration of Flutter, I graduated from Teesside University in 2023. From my studies and work to date, I have experience in exploring people’s ideas to make them a reality through tech. My goal is to explore technologies and techniques and share this knowledge with others.

Outside of tech I am a true nerd at heart, with a passion for video games, Dungeons and Dragons, 3D Printing and photography.

What do you enjoy most about working in technology?

There’s always something new to explore with almost endless possibilities to design and develop anything you can imagine.

What’s one problem that you’ve been able to solve for yourself with tech?

Whilst not exciting to some, a very custom financial tracker and budgeting tool has been one of the best personal projects I have made to solve many headaches.