Accelerate business growth with a fractional CTO

We are Embeddable.

Fractional CTO: technology, strategy and leadership on flexible terms.

A fractional CTO (Chief Technology Officer), makes executive-level experience in technology, strategy and team building accessible to businesses from an earlier stage on flexible terms. The fractional comes from your appointed CTO dedicated a portion (or fraction) of their time to your business, which subsequently reduces their cost to your business.

Our service gives you a blend of practical development, strategic and managerial experience with no equity negotiation and flexible contract terms.

How it works: your Embeddable fractional Chief Technology Officer

Embeddable offer a fractional CTO service on a “reserved hours” model, where your business reserves a set number of hours per month on a rolling contract. No nasty surprises or long-term commitments.

Understandably, how that time is utilised is dependent on your requirements and will likely vary from month-to-month, from working with your board on technology strategy and planning future costs through to meeting with vendors and external collaborators to lead on projects as a representative of your business.

Your fractional CTO will function predominantly remotely.


A fractional CTO works part-time, providing businesses with the flexibility to scale their technology needs up or down as required.


A fractional CTO brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. They have worked with a variety of businesses in different industries and can provide insights and recommendations that can help businesses stay competitive.


A fractional CTO can provide an objective perspective on technology decisions, which can be especially valuable for businesses that may be too close to an idea or project to see the bigger picture. They can also help businesses avoid costly mistakes by providing unbiased guidance and advice.

As your fractional CTO, we provide:
  • No equity negotiations

  • Sector exclusivity

  • Outside of IR35

  • Support that scales with your business

  • No drawn out hiring process or recruitment fees

  • Short-term, fixed-term and ongoing placements available

Did you know: the average full-time CTO salary is £138,000 per year.

Source: Glassdoor

The average salary of a Chief Technology Officer in the U.K. makes it an inaccessible role to many small and growing businesses and often means these businesses go without the expertise needed to build technology and teams that are viable long-term.

We make award-winning web development and experienced Chief Technology Officer-level knowledge accessible to businesses of all sizes, with services that grow with you.