Technology auditing and due diligence support

We are Embeddable.

Tech auditing: in-depth reporting on web and software products

At Embeddable, we specialise in providing tech audits and technical reporting for web-based systems, from websites to custom and proprietary tools like CRMs and order management systems.

Our in-depth reports are a detailed review. We go below the surface of “does this tech currently work?” to audit the code behind each feature, the hosting and infrastructure it uses and the integrations a system relies on to function, and much more. 

Peace of mind: when acquiring, investing or growing.

Acquiring and investing

When acquiring or investing in a new business, understanding it’s use of technology and the overall quality of that tech is a key consideration to provide assurance that your investment is the correct decision.

When investing a new venture that is pre-product, auditing the proposed technology scope gives you an independent and objective review of the proposed technology plans backed by our own experience.

Growing your business

When entering a growth phase in your own business, it’s crucial that the foundations of your business and the underlying technology that your business relies on are solid.

Failure to do so makes further growth difficult and results in more time and money invested in reworking what is already in place, when any faults and bottlenecks could have been identified and resolved earlier.

We review:
  • The underlying code behind technology

  • Performance benchmarks (speed, accessibility, etc.)

  • Platform security and penetration testing

  • Quality & number of integrations

  • Potential points of failure

  • Infrastructure, hosting and data management

  • Compliance with data regulations

  • Automated and manual testing procedures

  • Ongoing development and release processes

and more.

Our mission: help businesses to start, scale and succeed through technology.

At Embeddable, our mission is to help businesses to start, scale and succeed through technology.

As an experienced tech consultancy and web development business, we provide objective thinking and insight on developing ideas, building systems and scaling teams. As a Fractional CTO, we work embedded as part of a business’s leadership team to direct technology strategy and product development. 

All of our technical audits are carried out under non-disclosure terms, with the ability for reviews of proprietary and confidential information or systems to be done under supervision or in close collaboration with your team.