Explore ideas and scope solutions with technology consultancy 

We are Embeddable.

Consultancy: guiding you through the process of understanding opportunities and making ideas happen.

For many businesses, it can be difficult to decide which ideas and opportunities would make a worthwhile time and financial investment, particular when it involves technology. These projects often require specialist skills, integrations with other data sources, are not generally quick to deliver and force changes in your operations to bring new tools and processes into your workflow, which can cause disruption to your staff and customers.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be like that.

An embeddable consultant for your business

Embeddable consultancy is backed by multi-industry experience.

Working with your business and your key stakeholders, we’ll guide you through our processes for auditing technology and teams, product discovery and technical scoping, giving you an in-depth and costed strategy that focuses on delivering your requirements.

We’ll then work with you to implement the action points in our strategy.

  • For technology scoping, that means supporting you in vendor selection and providing hands-on product management and web development, as required, bringing your idea to life.
  • For department audits and team management, that means working with your wider staff to safely introduce new methodologies, streamlining your operation, improving efficiency and supplementing your team with new technology.

You’ve had a lightbulb moment, now what?

It’s time to embed experience.
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Our drive: your success.

Like every business, we’re driven by success. For us, that’s seeing our clients succeed. We strive to solve problems, support people and help businesses reach their own definition of success through technology.

With that in mind, defining your vision for success is the first step of every project that we’re a part of. Typically for Embeddable clients our consultancy focuses on the scoping, processes and development of technology that best fits one of the below categories, but can combine multiple.


From streamlining the experience of an existing platform through to the discovery and scoping of a new product, creating a new revenue stream for the business.

Typical consultancy focus
  • Launching a new eCommerce website
  • Building a new SaaS or service system
  • Enhancing current technology

Introducing operational efficiency by consolidating data points and automating repetitive and low value tasks, which also removes margin for human error.

Typical consultancy focus
  • Developing an internal system
  • Automating manual processes
  • Migrating between cloud platforms

Scaling safely and retaining talent for a highly skilled department is a priority for growing businesses. We help businesses to build psychologically-safe teams.

Typical consultancy focus
  • Building an in-house team
  • Auditing existing team structures
  • Planning recruitment and hire profiles