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Our mission: help businesses to start, scale and succeed through technology.

Based in Middlesbrough, Teesside, we work with small and scaling businesses across the country to understand ideas and develop technology solutions, embedding our experience into your business when and where you need it.

For new and pivoting businesses, we work with your board to lead planning and creating new products and solutions. For established brands and existing technology teams, we compliment your existing structure, offer hands-on web development support and staff mentoring.

Working together, we support you in reaching your definition of success.

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Our why: experience should be accessible.

We believe that every business benefits from technology. For some, technology is their own product, for others it’s a tool in a department that supports efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

As your reliance and investment in technology grows, so does the need for expertise to source and develop further solutions and manage your growing digital dependency. That’s where Embeddable comes in.

We make award-winning web development and experienced Chief Technology Officer-level knowledge accessible to businesses of all sizes, with services that grow with you.

We provide:
  • CTO and Board-level experience

  • Experience only when you need it

  • Support that scales with your business

  • No drawn out hiring process or recruitment fees

  • No equity negotiations

  • Short-term, fixed-term and ongoing placements available

Our thoughts: the Embeddable blog helping your business build tech & teams.

We believe that knowledge should be shared.

The Embeddable blog is a constantly growing hub of our insight on how to explore your ideas, manage technology teams, hire new staff and develop new solutions. We write about the practices used in big businesses in a way that they can be applied to small businesses and startups (as well as other enterprises).

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