Our mission: help businesses to start, scale and succeed through technology.

We are Embeddable.

We specialise in helping small and ambitious businesses to grow and succeed through technology. From exploring ideas and developing systems through to planning sustainable team growth and creating hire profiles, we embed our experience into your business.

Fractional CTO: embed our experience into your business.

Embeddable offer a fractional CTO service on a “reserved hours” model, where your business reserves a set number of hours per month on a rolling contract. No nasty surprises or long-term commitments.

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Consultancy: understand problems, explore ideas, scope solutions.

Embeddable’s technology consultancy helps businesses to explore their ideas, identify opportunities and solve problems with technology through our discovery and scoping process. 

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Web Development: leading new developments and supporting existing teams.

Embeddable’s web development service makes full-stack development accessible to small businesses. From leading on new projects to support existing businesses and established teams on large product updates and meeting tight deadlines.

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MVP Creation: bringing an idea to market.

Embeddable combine consultancy and development to help bring the minimum viable version of your idea to life, allowing you to launch quickly and develop an end-product based on feedback, rather than assumptions.

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Tech Auditing: peace of mind when investing in, acquiring or growing your business.

Embeddable’s tech auditing service provides an in-depth report on the web technology used in a business. For investors and acquirers, this gives reassurance for your investment. For business owners, an audit gives you an objective review and guidance on ensuring the foundations of your technology are stable before you begin to scale. 

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