Spotlight: Peter Calvert

Founder of Embeddable.

My goal: to help people and businesses succeed.

I launched Embeddable in May of 2023 having previously served as a the Chief Technology Officer of a scaling financial services tech company, the Head of Development at one of Europe’s leading pay-per-click agencies and the Development Director of an established digital agency.

Whilst each previous role was in an entirely different field, I faced some similar challenges in each one, from helping business owners and key stakeholders to translate their ideas into technical scopes, leading the development and planning the launch of industry-first software, through to managing staff resources and understanding when, and how, to grow a team responsibly and within a budget.

There became a point where I wanted to share this knowledge that I’d built from experience. Couple that with my motivation of wanting to support and bring meaningful, measurable value to as many people as possible, and launching Embeddable as a consultancy and a fractional CTO that is accessible to small businesses and startups, felt like the next logical step for me.

I’m a fiercely proud Teessider, so to be able to operate a business here in the North East that delivers on my goal of helping people and businesses on a national scale, is key reason I launched Embeddable.

My stack: the tech I use to help businesses grow.

I consider myself a full-stack developer, with experience in standard development practices as well as DevOps.

For back-end work, the likes of APIs, microservices and traditional monoliths, I specialise in PHP (typically using Laravel or Symfony as a preferred framework) coupled with MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite.

For front-end work, my preferred technologies include vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript as well as Vue, Inertia, Adonis.js and Tailwind.

For hosting and architecture, I predominantly work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), with prior exposure to Google Cloud and general knowledge of Linux-based servers.

Notable Experience

Chief Technology Officer, Financial Services

As the CTO for a nationally recognised financial services business pivoting towards fintech, I joined with the responsibility for leading the consolidation of technology as part of a group merger, building a technology department and leading product development of a new Software-as-a-Service product.

Head of Development, Paid Advertising

Joined a scaling paid search marketing agency during the inception of their R&D department to build a team and develop technology that opened new revenue streams, such as Google’s Comparison Shopping Programme, subsequently becoming one of Europe’s first accredited partners.

Development Director, Web Agency

As Development Director of a web and software agency, I was the lead for managing multiple high value client projects, leading each from inception to delivery. I was responsible for implementing new technologies and processes into a small, agile business and supporting junior staff through mentoring.

Lets meet: here’s my calendar.

Mentoring: supporting new entrepreneurs.

I have previously worked with Teesside University’s highly respected FUEL program to deliver mentoring to graduates that are exploring the prospect of launching businesses and am open to similar mentoring opportunities.

Volunteering: an ambassador for apprenticeships.

I started my career as an apprentice over a decade ago with a small web and digital agency in Middlesbrough, rather than pursuing a degree. Since 2016 I have charities, schools and local government to promote apprenticeships as an alternative and equivalent level of learning to university, particularly for development, software and computing roles.

I was recognised and highly commended for my contributions to promoting apprenticeships by the UK Government-backed National Apprenticeship Awards in late-2017.

Peter Calvert, Founder of Embeddable