After a successful first year in business, which ended on March 31st, we’ve entered year two with a string of project wins, our first awards nominations and are about to move into a new central Middlesbrough HQ that secures us the room to grow into for years to come.

We’re now ready to take our first steps into growing the team – and beginning to fill the new HQ – with our first permanent hire, in a junior web developer role (full job description and salary included in the role advert).

What we’re looking for

Our business is a blend of technology consultancy and software development. We’re a trusted partner for exploring ideas, proposing solutions and ultimately delivering those into a business or their market.

As a junior web developer, your focus will be on a blend of learning through your involvement in projects as well as using dedicated time to explore new tools, technologies and further your knowledge. You’ll work alongside the Embeddable team, project partners and our clients to deliver new, often unique, tech products.

We regularly use the likes of Laravel (PHP) and Vue (JavaScript) as the basis of our developments, but we believe in using the right tools for the job, so there’s a vast opportunity to learn and apply new technologies on a per-project basis.

Beyond the job title

As a first hire, you join Embeddable at an exciting time, but also a time where our future is far from set in stone and neither is your role (in a positive way).

We believe in shaping a role around a person, rather than vice-versa. That means that over time, as your confidence, knowledge and experience progress, we’ll continue to make sure that your role is tailored to you.

You may wish to explore your soft skills, take greater involvement in early-stage idea exploration with clients and shape your role itself into a blend of consultancy and development, which encapsulates Embeddable’s offering. You may also prefer to focus fully on your development expertise and your journey towards being a rounded, “full-stack” web developer.

There is no right answer here, our aim is to offer you a space as part of our business that gives you the flexibility to shape your journey. Your job title and compensation will track with progression on a career path that, at least for during your time with Embeddable, we’ll work together to plot.