Experts in developing APIs and web platforms with Laravel

We are Embeddable.

Laravel: Embeddable are artisans.

Embeddable have in-depth experience of building large systems with Laravel and have been working with the PHP framework since version 5 (with the latest release scheduled for early 2024 labelled as version 11).

We specialise in using Laravel as the foundation when developing APIs, headless content management systems, microservices and monolithic systems, with vast experience in using and adapting first-party packages for the likes of authentication – Laravel Breeze, Sanctum or Passport – and payment processing – Cashier – as well as using third-parties and creating bespoke solutions.

Coupled with experience in front-end frameworks and tools that are popular with Laravel developments, such as Vue, Tailwind and Inertia.js, we provide full stack development expertise for building your next system or expanding on a current product.

Building new products

We use Laravel as the starting point for many new projects. It provides a standardised foundation that still gives total flexibility over how your product is built, how it functions and how it looks.

We’ve previously developed APIs that decouple data from front-end and integrate into existing systems or data visualisation dashboards, traditional monoliths and microservices using the framework, giving us the confidence that Laravel can serve as an excellent basis for your next technology venture.

Expanding existing systems

With our expertise gained from a decade of developing Laravel-based solutions, we’re capable of supporting businesses and teams in expanding systems and platforms that are already built and rely on external packages or complex business logic.

Coupled with our vast experience in managing the development of launched platforms and ensuring system integrity at all times, Embeddable are a safe pair of hands to work with when growing your existing application, either leading the development ourselves or working as part of your existing in-house team.

Security: built into your system and your ownership.

As a specialist consultancy and tech auditing business as well as a development team, Embeddable place system security and longevity at the forefront of any development. We carry out extensive security testing of any new or inherited Laravel development and use best practices to ensure that a system is built for scale rather than serving as a short-term solution.

Furthermore, as a popular framework between PHP developers and web agencies, using Laravel has become a standard practice and reduces the likelihood of a “lock in”, where you are unable to find further support for your system or recruit talent directly to build and expand your tech product. We transfer all intellectual property (IP) to you with every project, giving you total ownership and control of your Laravel-based product.